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"In the Summer of 2008, we contracted with P&B Finishers to remodel our kitchen. We cannot believe the transformation which took place. The kitchen is beautiful and we actually have more room and shelving than before. Lenox and Sherry are reliable, professional and caring people who can be trusted to do a good job. They were also quick to resolve those few items with which we were not happy. We highly recommend them for any remodeling job."

- Dan & Chris G. Washington Twp., MI

"Excellent Company. I will definitely do business with them again. In fact, I'm so impressed with their work I hope my job shows up in their gallery of photo's for others to see. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship. If any one needs to ask about what P&B Finishers Inc. provides. I'm more than happy to support the old world craftsmanship concept since I am a customer."

- Greg Jorgensen Shelby Twp., MI


- Kris Juzyk Shelby Twp., MI

"Last week, Jaime's parents were visiting and stayed in the "lower level". They really enjoyed their stay and said the room was comfortable. My parents came for a visit earlier this spring and stayed with us too. My dad said, "You must have found the best carpenter in all of Detroit!" He was very impressed with the finish work you did."

- Richard Liechty Shelby Twp., MI

"The siding looks great! Thanks! I am trying to decide if I want to do the front now, or in the Spring...I'll let you know this week...Christmas is such an expensive time! I am going to go home and take a look at the front again, and try to decide how much I hate it! I also have a punch list that I am completing for you. (Little jobs like the door frame that I need help with) I'll complete this and give you a call. I have been spreading the word about your great work and professionalism. A rare quality these days! Talk to you this week."

- Karen West Bloomfield, MI

"Congratulations Buddy! Why am I not surprised to learn about your award???? Unfortunatly, I can't open the attachment you sent without some help, but I'd be more than happy to send along a heartfelt letter. Could you give me an idea of the time table that I can use to send it and if I could also send it to you or whomever via email?? I'm a little rushed this week due to short work week and holiday deadlines, and I'll be away this weekend, but if it can wait until the first part of next week, I'll get it off to you when I get back. The built-ins are absolutely beautiful! So many compliments and raves about what a nice addition to the room. The glass shelves were the way to go, green, frosted, beveled glass shelves and double doors (set of three across) with brushed nickel knobs. Soooooo pretty! Thank you Lenox. If ever in the neighborhood, just call me and stop by for a peak at the finished product. The new rug, drapes and furniture only pale in the beauty of these cabinets. Mike did an outstanding job of painting as well, and with all the new lighting, the granite top, which was a total good call, I have a completely new room and I just love it. Got to run, Let me know my time frame and again, congratulations on the well-deserved award. Does this mean your prices are going to go up?"

- Terry Johnson Harper Woods, MI

"I first met Lenox Bowman when my wife and I were looking for a contractor to remodel a bathroom and finish off our basement. We interviewed and received estimates from several contractors, but selected PB Finishers, Lenox's company, to do both our projects. There are many qualities that Lenox possesses and implements in his business that made our project a success. It is from our experience that I can support Lenox's nomination for "Remodeler of the Year" without hesitation. Lenox uses a thorough estimation and planning process to layout the entire project. The cost of material allotment and labor was always well documented. Whenever we selected an item (ex. carpet, trim, fixture) that was outside of the original estimate, Lenox documented the change with a change request that specified the change and the adjustment in cost to the original estimate. There were never any surprises. During the project we never felt rushed or delayed. In our interviews with other contractors we encountered varied personality types. Some contractors gave the impression that once the job started it would roll through like a freight train with little or no opportunity to change plans once started. Other contractors made me wonder if they understood what we wanted or if the job would ever be completed. Not with Lenox. This was our first major renovation project and he was willing to take the time necessary to guide us through it. He encouraged us to keep the project moving, but allowed us to make decisions at a pace that we were able to handle. We felt that Lenox's primary concern was that we would end up with a finished product that we were excited about -- and we are! With Lenox, we never had to worry about any aspect of the project other that what we wanted and how we were going to pay for it. The subcontractors he used were carefully selected and very professional. The workspace was always clean and contained. The project was completed in compliance with all building codes, and we never had to worry about inspections or costly rework. Even the inspectors were impressed with the quality of the work and compliance with building codes. The quality of Lenox's work is outstanding. From the rough to the finish carpentry, Lenox displays a high degree of competency and craftsmanship. It is always a feeling of pride and pleasure to take guests into our basement. There are always plenty of genuine 'Oohs' and 'Ahs'. Even my father, who has been in the real estate business for over 40 years, commented on the quality of the finish work. And my final point, I can recommend Lenox to anyone. I know that a friendship will never be jeopardized by the recommendation. Whether they decide to hire Lenox or not, I know that their experience with him will be positive. Whenever someone asks me if I know a good contractor the only person I recommend is Lenox. Yes, please seriously consider Lenox for "Remodeler of the Year". I cannot imagine that you could make a better selection. Best Regards."

- Richard Liechty Shelby Twp., MI

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did. Sorry for the delay in payment. I was waiting to get a gift certificate to treat you both to dinner. Instead, I have enclosed a small gift to put toward your next night out. Thanks again!"

- Trevor Royal Oak, MI

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