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What Kind Of A Sunroom Should You Get

Macomb County Sunroom TypesThere are five basic sunroom designs, and each design is named for its roof, which is the main point of difference between them all.A sunroom makes an ideal addition to practically any home. It is always pleasant to sit in an air-conditioned room, with light pouring in on all sides - but not too brightly - and a view of grass, garden, or trees, but free of the oppressive heat or annoying insects that can sometimes ruin a perfect day.

There are roughly five kinds of sunrooms, and what differentiates them is the type of roof that they have.

Your 'average' sunroom consists of window glass all around, of course, all of the same size, and a flat roof, usually of some opaque material so that the sun is not actually visible through the roof.

The 'Cathedral' sunroom is one in which the ceiling is vaulted. This makes the room appear very large, and allows for design features like front trapezoid transoms to really enhance the look of the room from both inside and out. A vaulted ceiling also helps in preventing the build-up of rain or snow.

The 'split-level' sunroom, or California, as it is also known, has a roof that is somewhat staggered. One half of it slopes upward, the other half slopes up to meet it at not quite as sharp an angle, and glass panels bridge the distance between the two. This allows more light to enter the sunroom and of course gives the sunroom a striking look.

The 'solarium' is a room in which both the walls and ceiling are made of glass, and the roof has a curved glass eave...which makes it a nice room in which to watch the stars at night, as well as enjoying the sunlight during the day.

Finally, the 'Conservatory' is a room with a rather old-fashioned, ornate look to its frame, designed in an Edwardian or Victorian manner, with a glass ceiling as well.

The frames for the sunroom can be made of any material, from wood to aluminum to vinyl, but you'll want to get the best quality possible for your budget. A sunroom represents a significant investment in your home - the value of your home will probably go up at your next assessment, as will your taxes.

Great care must be taken with the glass quality. You don't want unfiltered sunlight bearing down into your room. The white glare will make seeing extremely uncomfortable. You'll want windows that block out most of the sunlight, as well as the harmful UV rays which fade furniture. You'll want windows that are insulated and that can keep both hot and cold weather out...and warm temperatures in.

What To Look For In Sunroom Design

There are quite a few companies on the web who have galleries of their sunrooms. Take a look at these. Do you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who has a sunroom? Talk to them about it. Ask them about their problems. (And if they haven't owned their sunroom for a complete four seasons, ask other people who have.)

The type of sunroom you choose will depend on the type of person you are. If you want a quiet room to retreat and relax, you'll perhaps want a conservatory. If you want a room where kids can gather and play, your 'average' sunroom might be the best bet.

Go carefully, do your research, then go out and get a sunroom.

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