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5 Tips For Remodeling A Small Bathroom

bathroom remodeling macomb county When you return home at the end of a long day, you want to feel like you are leaving your cares behind and entering into a welcoming, soothing haven. Every part of your home should be designed in service to this goal. Style, comfort, and utility should all work together to make your entire home feel like a tranquil retreat from the world. In particular, rooms that see a lot of daily use, such as kitchens and bathrooms, should meet these requirements. Unfortunately, many Michigan homes have small, cramped bathrooms that don't feel comfortable, stylish, or particularly functional. If you have a bathroom in your home that fits this description, don't worry! With smart remodeling choices, you can transform even the smallest bathroom into a calming, spa-like refuge from the world. If you are ready to turn your small bathroom into your favorite spot in the house, contact the expert Michigan remodeling contractors at P & B Finishers, Inc. today to get started!

Streamlined Fixtures

It may seem obvious, but you can really maximize your bathroom square footage by choosing which fixtures to streamline. For example, you may think you want to have an oversized garden tub installed, but once you do, it may dominate your bathroom and overwhelm the space. Instead, consider choosing from one of the many compact tub options available on the market. There are even scaled-down whirlpool and soaking tubs available to ensure that you get the spa treatment you want in your small bathroom. If baths aren't important to you, consider foregoing a tub altogether and having a glassy shower installed. A corner shower won't take up too much space, and the glass walls and door will allow plenty of light to spread throughout the room, making the room feel bigger. For added enjoyment, you can have multiple shower heads installed. Don't forget to consider your sink pedestal. Depending on the storage options you need, the size and style you choose will vary. However, there are many compact options available for vanities or sink pedestals, to make sure you choose one that will not dominate your space.

Use of Color

Light, airy colors can do wonders for making your bathroom feel small. White, light gray, and other pale colors make great choices for paint colors. Consider white, reflective, or glassy tile for your shower walls, while white or mosaic tile on the floors can be a smart choice. If you choose to incorporate a vanity or other cabinetry or storage, be sure to select colors that make the room feel warm and bright. Likewise, your countertops should not weigh the room down but instead make it feel open - think white granite or marble. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors also do a great job of maximizing the way the space feels.


To make the most of your small bathroom, be sure to carefully consider how you want to use your storage space. Storing face wash, lotions, perfumes, cotton swabs, and other frequently used items on glass shelving may be a great way to free up cabinets and drawers. Hanging towels for reuse on decorative hooks may be a good way to eliminate the need for bathroom cabinets altogether. Choosing an attractive mirrored medicine cabinet is also a great way to ensure that your various first aid and other necessities are safely stored up high and out of sight. Lastly, don't forget to incorporate adequate shelving in your shower or bathtub for storing your shampoo and soap bottles.

Vertical Interest

Creating vertical interest draws your eye up, making any tight space feel larger by emphasizing the height of the room. Floor to ceiling tile by the shower or bathtub is one excellent way to add vertical interest. Other tips include hanging art or additional mirrors on the wall. Even hanging a trailing plant in an out-of-the-way corner is a smart choice to add interest and emphasize height in your bathroom.


One of the smartest choices you can make to make your bathroom feel larger is add and emphasize lighting. Recessed lighting is a great tool for small spaces, because instead of hanging down and cramping your available space, it makes your room feel open. Combine recessed lighting with vanity lighting to ensure that you will have a variety of lighting choices in your bathroom. Lastly, don't forget natural lighting. If your existing small bathroom lacks natural lighting, see if your remodeling plans could incorporate adding a window. Natural lighting can drastically change the look and feel of your bathroom, making it feel much more open and welcoming.

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